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AI/ML & Advanced Analytics
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Advanced Analytics

Altamira’s analytics are top tier and designed by intelligence analysts, data scientists, and analytic methodologists. We specialize in statistical modeling, machine learning, analytic methodology development, geospatial analysis, MASINT and Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) analytics, Computer Network Operations (CNO), Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI), multi-INT analytics, and visualization. Over the past two years, we have delivered over 100 analytic projects to the Air Force’s Chief Data Office (CDO) and the Concepts, Development, and Management (CDM) office which provides analytic solutions across Defense and Intelligence customers. Altamira’s mission experts and data scientists are now bringing these capabilities to bear on the Space Domain.

Elite Engineering

Altamira’s software, data, and systems engineers deliver expert quality engineering capabilities. We excel at designing modular analytic systems architectures that rely on cloud-agnostic or on-prem infrastructure. Other engineering capabilities include designing for scalability, microservice architectures, data strategy and architecture, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU acceleration, cloud migration, PaaS/IaaS implementation, Agile software development, DevSecOps, containerization and container orchestration, application development, and information assurance. Over the years, we have developed numerous software applications for IC and DOD customers and, more recently, designed a large-scale, low-latency analytic system for a high-profile DOD mission.

Missions We Support

Altamira develops and maintains the application and associated methodology for identifying, tracking, and visualizing space-based objects of interest. Under this effort for the US Air Force, Altamira engineers, data scientists, and subject matter experts (SMEs) have designed a premiere Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) tool for discovering and visualizing relationships between space-based objects. (TRL 9)

Altamira designed, developed, and delivered a highly scalable, mission-critical, modular microservice architecture for the US Space Force’s Space Systems Command. The system ingested, pre-processed, analyzed, and visualized Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) datasets in support of missile identification and tracking. The low-latency system is fully parallelized using hybrid computational infrastructure components and the 2D/3D visualization is GPU-accelerated for 4K analytic displays. (TRL 9)

Altamira intelligence analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and methodologists routinely deliver TRL 3-7 analytic prototypes for various offices across the US Air Force, Combatant Commands (COCOMs), and IC agencies. These prototypes augment government data holdings with commercial and open-source dataset identification and acquisition, and bring together datasets and sources in unique ways for analysis and visualization. We have supported mission sets including counter threat finance through cryptocurrency trading, counter-narcotics, technology development and discovery by adversary nations, pilot training and the Pilot Training Next (PTN) program, and predictive maintenance of national assets.