What is IC ITE?

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The Intelligence Community is embarked on a major transformation of its information technology capabilities called the Intelligence Community (IC) Information Technology Enterprise (ITE).  Although there is no formal definition, the primary intent is to make intelligence sharing and integration easier, faster, and more comprehensive with the firm expectation that this will lead to better intelligence results which will in turn allow executives to be better informed before they have to make critical national security decisions.  Much of this transformation is made possible by computing technology advances in the commercial sector over the last decade or so.  Commercial entities such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Facebook have pioneered new technologies and techniques which the Intelligence Community will leverage to develop capabilities that will better protect the United States and its friends and allies.

This transformation has three essential components: hardware infrastructure, software services, and data.  I have not listed security separately because it is and must be ubiquitous and “baked in” to all of the other three components from the beginning.  The hardware infrastructure will follow the “cloud” models of the commercial sector.  The federal government as a whole is embracing cloud technologies for a variety of reasons and the intelligence community is no different in this respect.  The software services represent a wide array of widgets, analytics, and applications that are intended to be accessible to any analyst or other intelligence community member to help them accomplish their job more quickly and easily.  None of this matters, of course, without the data.  Ensuring that legacy data is available, that new data is in the right format, and that all the data is only accessible by authorized users is a massive undertaking.   

Many intelligence community information technology professionals are fully engaged in bringing this transformation about.  So far, IC ITE is not a program of record; it is being delivered by designating agencies as service providers for particular sets of capabilities.  It is being knit together by very dedicated people across all of these agencies and the office of the Director of National Intelligence that are solving the many technical and policy issues that are being identified.  Altamira is honored to be able to assist several of these agencies with ideas, expertise, and actual capabilities to achieve the IC ITE vision.
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  1. Mike said:

    Hal, good overview. Glad to see you talked to intent. IC ITE is going to continue to be a long row to hoe and test the IC at its core.

    Good luck and much success.

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