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Secure Your Future – Secure the Nation

While our armed forces and intelligence professionals continue to operate in a budget constrained environment, the number of threats and issues of geopolitical importance continue to outpace and expand.  This creates an enduring need for top tier mission support – to our troops currently engaged in harm’s way, as well as staying ahead of future conflicts and unrest.

The Altamira Difference
Altamira, is the mid-size agile industry partner of choice, offering exceptional, integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Imagery and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) expertise, institutional knowledge, and innovative approaches ensure mission results through continued excellence and efficiencies.  We know that achievement goes well beyond providing the right mix of innovation, technology and highly trained staff.  It takes into account all the touch points and steps within our processes, analyzing them, and making improvements where necessary – then delivering results optimally and consistently to our customers.

People First
Altamira commitment is to our customer’s mission, it’s our vision and driving force.  Our commitment begins with a bottom up management approach, starting with what is most important – our people. Altamira employees have the opportunity to do meaningful work on a daily basis, engineering solutions for national security, specifically in the areas of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Imagery and Geospatial Intelligence. Altamira invests heavily in our people providing a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package that is aligned to a culture of employee engagement, development, and satisfaction.

Agile Culture
Our employees continually tell us that what they like most about working here is our people and culture. Unlike any other competitor, our corporate management culture is built on a bottom-up “Team-of-Teams” approach, ensuring flattened and direct communications from employee to upper management.  Working collectively as a unit, ensuring we are bringing our best to the table and exceeding customer expectations.

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