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With every solution Altamira develops and every project we are involved with, our proven, unique approach of innovation and mission-focus is applied. Innovation is at the core of all that we do and our Altamira Labs and Altamira Edge are all part of this successful approach.

Altamira EDGE

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In today’s increasingly crowded marketplace, it can sometimes be difficult to make heads or tails of which company best fits the needs of your organization. Altamira proudly sets itself apart–not just by inches, but by miles, with it’s unique, project-proven approach to solution development: we call it, the Altamira EDGE®.




Altamira LABS
Altamira Labs are specialized departments within Altamira’s technology division which develop the innovative technologies and solutions that are incorporated into all of our projects.



Software Development Center (SDC)
The Altamira SDC provides a cross company unclassified development infrastructure for all software projects.  The SDC makes use of developer provisioned cloud infrastructure backed by leading edge software tools.  The infrastructure includes code repositories as a service, testing as a service, code analysis and heuristics, and automated build services.

Code repository as a service will allow multiple software projects to share code, control versioning and keep critical components in line with development, test and delivery.  The code repository will also serve to store the infrastructures master configurations allowing additional server capacity without manual setup.

Code analysis services are automatically linked into the development process to analyze code that is submitted by our developers.  This provides managers and their teams the ability to focus on trouble spots as well as improve the overall quality of the code.  This testing model is in place in addition to standard unit and integration testing and analyzes raw source code for patterns as well as good coding practices.

Automated build systems can be triggered based on project specific needs to include minute by minute developer builds for complex systems, sprint review builds, beta and release builds.  The build infrastructure is responsible for ensuring all the pieces are brought together to provide a finished, installable software delivery.  The build infrastructure also controls the provisioning of test machines within the cloud infrastructure for full code automated testing.

The Altamira Software Development Center is a resource available to all projects and linked to every remote office.  The infrastructure was built utilizing leading network protection and cyber analytics to oversee all network access.  This includes looking for internal malware as well as external threat posture.

The Altamira SDC is the cornerstone for software products built by Altamira for government and commercial customers.

Advanced Engineering Lab
The Altamira engineering labs are co-located on the campus of New Mexico State University.  Our engineering labs focus on advanced Electromagnetics leading to new architectures in antenna and radio design; Signal processing techniques to advance machine learning enabling improved signal detection and resource requirements;   and visualization techniques for commercial sensors providing new insights into earth observations.   Our close proximity and established agreements with NMSU enable the quick and effective engagement of the University staff and facilities providing depth of knowledge and expanded resources when required.

Staying one step ahead is critically important, especially when you base your business around providing sound, effective technology to your customers. At Altamira, we like to tell our engineers and developers to go one step further and stay three steps ahead.