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Altamira Employee Awarded Prestigious Rivet Amber Award

DAYTON, OH., January 15, 2016 – Altamira Technologies Inc. (Altamira) today announced that one of its employees, Ron Haller, has been awarded the prestigious Rivet Amber Award, as part of the Decoy Forensics Team, by the Advanced Technical Intelligence Association (ATIC). The prestigious award is presented annually to individuals in recognition of extraordinary operational achievements, including the advancement of the profession based on the outstanding nature of the candidate’s commitment and demonstrated support to the MASINT (Measurement and Signatures Technology) and GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) fields.

The multi-agency Decoy Forensics Team was recognized for its outstanding analytical support to USCENTCOM in applying advanced MASINT/GEOINT techniques to assess signatures and develop a tool that accurately distinguishes between a lethal weapon systems and high-fidelity decoys in 15 minutes or less. This achievement reduces the likelihood that USCENTCOM would need to employ assets to neutralize both the operational weapon system and decoys, saving resources and reducing risk.

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